Thank you for visiting my online portfolio. This portfolio gathers work I have done thorough my Master degree in e-learning technologies at the Université de Lille.

This page will be regularly updated with future work completed either via my studies or professional opportunities, if and when allowed. Please note that all the contents here are in French as the university is based in France.

I am currently looking for opportunities to join e-learning projects conceptions. I am particularly interested in projects linked to language learning such as in FLE or ESL.

If you have a current project and are in need of an e-learning technologist, please feel to contact me on melolingua@gmail.com

I am also currently looking for a 4 to 6-month internship in e-learning technologies, starting in December 2021. I am based in Cambridge but I am open to relocate to London, France (Lyon, Bordeaux, Tours, Lille and their areas) and Edinburgh.

Moodle project


We are currently working on a MoodleLab project. In groups of 10 students, we need to implement a full year's university course onto the Moodle platform, whilst revising the general contents, adapting the activities and creating all the relevant contents, activities, quizzes, presentations and so forth. As the project is currently underway, I will share more of it at the end of the semester.

AF/IF UK Articulate modules


I have participated in online modules creation with the Alliances Françaises / Instituts Français in the United Kingdom network. The goal of these modules, supported by the Alliance Française of Paris, are to allow students of the French language to study or review certain grammar points at home. We were a team of six learning designers + a team project and I was also a content developer for this project. The first part of the project, as a learning designer, was to create the learning scenario of several of these modules, including grammar introduction, explanation, examples, exercises and final test. Once these scenarios had been designed, I have developed the contents of two of these modules using Articulate Storyline. These modules are available below: 

Module 3 : Les pronoms relatifs simples                                                Module 4 : Le conditionnel

Please note that these modules are available through Articulate Review but do not post any comments on these - Thank you. 


Learning video

In small groups of three students, we had to elaborate, from start to finish, an online learning video. The objective was to learn something through a short story. We wrote a scenario, prepared the storyboard, organised the video shooting and filmed the scenes. once our videos were ready, we had to put them together and edit the whole video. For this, we used Adobe Premiere for the main editing, Adobe Photoshop for the images, Adobe Audition for the sound and voice. All the videos were shot with our phones.  For this video, I have edited the sections from 1'43 to 3'12, creating all the contents, audio and sound. 

English TED talk

Due to my C1 level, the English course consisted, for me, in organising​ group tuition for my fellow students. We met in a small group, just twice in total, and discussed the course contents. The goals was to give them the ability the speak English. I also had to create a TED-like video on a subject of my own choosing.  My video subject is: "Using easy digital learning tools to create a community of learners in the classroom"

Andragogy Presentation

Another group work focused on andragogy and we had to create a video presentation on the main teaching and learning theories. Below is the video presentation created, in French.

Articulate Storyline Module


As a group work, we had to design an e-learning module on a subject of our choice. With my group, we decided to do something a bit different: we wanted to focus on the environment rather than on teaching French. We also developed this module in English because this module is aimed at teenagers learning English in secondary schools in France. The subject of climate change is part of their curriculum for their last year of "lycée" and this module can be done as part of an English lesson but also Biology when they are studying climate change. 

The module is divided in four chapters (or countries) with the final task being in the form of a discussion with Donald Trump. The main objective is to convince Trump to go back in the 2015 Paris Agreement. As it's not an easy task, complete the module and find out if you can do it !


Escape Game project

In groups of three, we had to design an educational escape game and we could chose the subject to base it on. It had to be educational but also create a mutual dependence between learners. We decided to create a French learning game based on Francophonie. We created a storyboard, instructions on how to use the game but also the game in itself, using the Genial·ly website.

On my part, I created the language lab room and riddles and some parts of the rest of the game were create together with my two partners. The three of us also created the storyboard and instructions as well as the whole idea of the escape game, learning points and technical creations.

The whole process took us around two weeks, taking into account that we all study part-time.

Link to the escape game, without the chat option.

Escape Game videos

I also designed and created three videos included in the escape game. I have used various software to create these videos, although I am sure that I will discover ways to be more efficient and quicker as I progress in e-learning technologies.

I used a PowerPoint presentation to set up my design, Adobe Audition for the voice over, Adobe Photoshop for the "evil" teacher design, Adobe Premiere for the blinking effect and Active Presenter for the editing of audio, video and voice over.

The introduction video: https://youtu.be/tuHAeggkkyE

The final video if the game is completed: https://youtu.be/jNS4zNIGEuU

The final video if the game is not completed: https://youtu.be/GwOg7IXeHzE


One of the individual work was also to create a screencast about the teaching tool of our choosing. I chose the "Learning Apps" website because I use it very often when teaching French. Here is the screencast I created, using PowerPoint, Adobe Audition and Active Presenter.


I have to admit that I had never used Photoshop before studying for this degree! However, thanks to a great teacher and a lot of hands-on activities, I was able to complete the individual assessment for this course and got a perfect score for it (20/20) !

The main goal was to do a detouring of a hand and include it to a well designed poster with different icons, texts and shapes using various layers.


We have studied HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP and RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN programming languages. We did several small individual assignments in each and we created a website using these in groups of three students: 


Personal assignments link: http://melodyg.byethost31.com/

We also had to complete SoloLearn courses and here are my completion certificates.

     HTML                    CSS                    JAVASCRIPT                    PHP                    RESPONSIVE

Video presentation

The video presentation was a group work during which we had to search information on a given subject, in this case "L'importance de l'ergonomie (cognitive) des IHM pour l'apprentissage et l'expérience d'apprentissage".

After we had gathered information, we created a Word document with different chapters and sub-parts which we then transformed into a video. As we had three main chapters and there were three of us, we each designed a specific chapter on the PowerPoint presentation, mine being the first one.

After creating the PowerPoint and exporting it to a video, I did the voice over using Adobe Audition and edited the video and voice over on Adobe Premiere. Each slide included notes to help the voice over process.

One of the main difficulties here was transforming a lengthy text document with a lot of various information into a concise and interesting video.

Case study

One course we followed was "Didactique, Pédagogie et TICE" which focused on adult learning and pedagogy in general. An interesting, although difficult, assignment was to create a learning experience for train drivers, most specifically on how they need to brake depending on various situations.  

We were working in a group of three and here is our final project. We obtained an excellent grade for this work (11/13) and the teacher commanded our "thorough needs analysis" along with our "extremely specific" project.


Moodle is not part of our course work but as I know it is often used for online courses I have followed the Moodle Admin basics MOOC course.

I am planning on completing the Moodle Teaching Basics MOOC course as soon as possible.

Online tools

I also use various online teaching tools and websites to add more interactivity to my online lessons and I am using these with face-to-face teaching, time and technology permitting.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the online teaching tools I regularly use: