French Culture Awareness #7: La musique française!

Every time someone asks me about French music the first artist they think about is ... Yes, you guessed it, Edith Piaf! Not that I don't like Edith but she is slightly outdated, don't you think?

So, here is my top 10 on more modern French bands and singers - a lot of then are from the 90s or early 00s because this is what I was listening to during my childhood and when I was a teenager so it's not only cultural but it had a big impact on my life as well!

Louise Attaque

This one is very festive and no French party is complete without at least one song from them!

Favourite song: J't'emmène au vent


This band has been active since the 80s, it's a bit like our own French Depeche Mode.

Favourite song: L'aventurier

Julien Doré

This one is fairly new, he won a music contest in 2007 and has

been active since then. His style is more romantic and pop-songs but I really like it!

Favourite song: Le Lac


It's quite a festive band too and I was able to see them live in ... Seoul! How odd, I know :)

Favourite song: Lambé an Dro

Mylène Farmer

She is our French Madonna: a fashion icon, a gay icon, bold songs and music videos.

Favourite song: Sans contrefaçon

As de Trèfle

This one is very close to my heart because they are from Tours (my hometown) and they are quite famous in my region. Very festive too :)

Favourite song: Haut les mains


This artist is quite political is very strong message in his songs and with sometimes vulgar but impactful lyrics.

Favourite song: Jeune et con


He is from a family of artists: his grand-mother was a famous author (Andrée Chedid) and his father is a singer too (Louis Chedid) and so are his siblings.

Favourite song: Je dis aime

Jean-Jacques Goldman

JJG, as we call him, has been active since the early 80s and is often nominated as French people's favourite celebrity.

Favourite song: Quand la musique est bonne

Noir Désir

This band is a bit particular because is now subject to controversy: the leader spent some time in prison because he hit and killed his wife. Some people refuse to listen to this band ever since, which I understand but they still had a big influence on the French music scene in the 90s.

Favourite song: Un homme pressé

If you want to listen to more French artists, go on to my Spotify playlist and listen to it as often as possible: it will help you with your French skills too! You have a lot of different styles, some modern and some a bit older but they all are classics for French people. If you would like to add more artists to this list, do let me know :)

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