Language Learning Tip #6: Apps to help you!

When learning a new language, it is important to be exposed to it as much as possible. You can listen to the radio, listen to music, watch films and TV show but you can also use apps to help you after class!

Here are the 10 best apps to help you in French:

1. DuoLinguo

I have to say that I personally am not too fond of this app because I think that, for beginners mainly, the vocabulary is sometimes too difficult and not well-paced. However, with students who already have good basic knowledge, this app is really good as it allows you to review vocabulary and grammar points. The lessons are short and fun so exactly what you are looking for in an app.

2. LingoDeer

This one is me favourite as I learn Korean with it. The lessons are divided per levels but also per grammar points with new vocabulary, flashcard, tests and listening activities! I am really enjoying it for Korean so I am sure that you will love it for French too!

3. Bescherelle / Le Conjugueur

Bescherelle is ze book you need to buy when learning French: it references all the conjugation with regular and irregular verbs and structure for tenses. Be the master of French verbs with this app! Le Conjugueur is really similar to the Bescherelle one. It was created by Le Figaro, a newspaper in France and it references all the verbs in french. You can look for a specific verb and a specific tense and it will give you the necessary conjugations so it's pretty cool stuff!

4. Lexilize Flashcards

What I really like with this app is that you can customise your own flashcards! Flashcards are a great way to revise vocabulary but as you can build your own flashcard deck, it's even better because 1/ you will only select the most useful words for you and 2/ you will learn the vocabulary when building the deck!

5. News in slow French

There's only a part of it that is free but the principle of the app is really good: you listen to the news in French, or should I say ... in slow French! You also have the transcription included so you can listen to the news with no transcription the first time and then double check you understood everything thanks to it!

6. Learn And Master French Verbs Conjugation

This app will help you remember French verbs and their conjugation. It's based on quiz and you can choose certain verbs and tenses or practice all of them. The app is divided in different levels but make sure you know most tenses before starting! It's a great daily revision on verbs for memorisation.

7. Dr French, Grammaire Française

This app is great for grammar revision. You not only have grammar lessons but you also have exercises to help you remember and practice the language. The app is divided in levels and themes with grammar explanations and even translations in English.

8. Français Authentique

This app is mainly for people who already understand quite a fair bit in French. You have podcasts available to listen and these are based on authentic french conversations on a lot of different subjects.

9. Wordreference

When learning a language, you need a dictionary and at first, you might want a bilingual dictionary. So, ditch Google Translate because it's rubbish and start using WordReference from now on!

10. Larousse

Once you have a bit more knowledge in French, it might be a good idea to start using a French only dictionary: this is when le Larousse comes in. It is one of the official dictionaries in France and it is an excellent one with synonyme, conjugations and... word definitions, of course!

Let me know if you are using different apps!

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