Language Learning Tip #8: French on Facebook

Learning a language without living in a country where the language is spoken can be quite difficult because you won't get exposed to the language as much. The only time when you will really get exposed to the language is with your teacher and most people only have lessons once or maybe twice a week which is definitely not enough exposure!

We have already talked about watching films and TV shows, listening to the radio and to music but there is something else you can very easily do: follow French content on social media! Once you know who / what to follow, you will have daily French content with texts, articles and videos which will help you improve your written and spoken understanding of the language. The goal is not for you to understand everything, of course, but it's to get more exposure to the language: the more you are exposed to the language, the easier it will be for you to understand it and then to use it.

Here are a few French Facebook pages you can follow:

1. Konbini News

You will find short videos on this page, with French subtitles and they cover news, culture and social issues.

2. Brut

This is very similar to Konbini News with more focus on social issues and everyday life.

3. Quotidien avec Yann Barthès

This is a daily TV show covering culture, news, political and social issues in France and everywhere else.

4. Le Monde

This is a French newspaper and they cover French and international news on a daily basis.

5. Jamy Gourmaud

Jamy Gourmaud used to be on "C'est pas sorcier", a weekly show about science and he does really good videos.

6. France 5

This is a French TV channel focusing on culture, travel and discovering new horizons.

7. Destination Francophonie

This show covers everything about French speaking countries so if you don't want to limit yourself to France this is something you have to follow !

8. Paul Taylor

He is an English comedian but lives in France and does his shows in French and in English so perfect to ease into the all French videos!

9. Topito

This page is mostly about humour with some more serious issues but it's overall fun with lists of "the best ..." or "the worst ..." etc.

10. MeloLingua !

I wonder what kind of page this is ... ;)

You can also like pages of French artists you like such as actors, singers, bands, comedians ... The main idea behind this is for you to easily have access to French content without having to look for it every time :)

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