I love to hear from them, and so will you!

Tom E.

student in 2020-2021, MeloLingua.

"I have taken both group and individual classes with Melody and she is great. She tailors lessons to my needs and level, helping me advance quickly."

Mishael E.

student in 2020, MeloLingua.

"I've been working with her since July and she took my French to a whole new level. If you're thinking of mastering nuance and detail under someone caring and compassionate, pick her - I've been studying French for more than a decade and I'm still learning so much with her!"

Jack van P

student since 2020, MeloLingua.

"Melody is just such a wonderful teacher. I have tried to learn french many times and have struggled but with Melody it is different. She puts so much thought in to her lessons and is with you 100%. I suffered a lot with confidence in speaking and Melody has really helped hugely with this. The lessons are fun, varied and exciting! She cares deeply and genuinely about what she does and the progression of her students, I could not recommend her more."

Andrzej Z

student since 2020, MeloLingua.

"Mélody is an absolutely brilliant tutor! I've been learning French with her for a month and I'm really impressed with the progress. She took into account my reason for learning French and my objectives and I'm really confident I will be able to achieve it. Couldn't recommend her more!"

Shilpa K

student since 2020, MeloLingua

and from 2016 to 2017, Alliance Française de Londres.

"Melody is one of those incredible teachers who gets her students excited about learning and helps them develop a real interest in the subject. She’s one of my favorite teachers of all time. She plans her classes carefully to balance difficulty and fun which makes her a truly gifted and engaging teacher."

Marcin W

student in 2019, Cactus Languages in Cambridge.

"So patient and informative! Every question was answered, there was no vague in anything! :) Melody explained everything in a clear and descriptive manner. Some lessons were even more fun where we had interactive quizzes! I'll definitely come back :)" 

Jei P

student in 2017 and 2018, Alliance Française de Séoul.

"I recommend her class 200%! Mélody’s class is so easy to understand and easy to remember. Furthermore her sweet personality made me even more comfortable to study french.


When I had difficulty to remember some difficult words, she used to explain in French kindly and it really really helped me to improve listening skill as well! I remember one day, I was so confused about french grammar. <Je vais lui donner or je vais elle donner > She explained to me so easily and now I'm never confused about this.

Thanks Mélody!  I would love to study more with her until I speak like a native francophone ! "

Aleksandra W

student in 2016 and 2017, Alliance Française de Londres.

"Mélody was the third French teacher I worked with and by far the best! 

We met at Alliance Française (London) and worked together through their levels 1A to 2B (CEFR levels A1 and A2) in a group setting. She has a very well structured / objective based, yet highly adaptable approach to teaching, which I consider extremely effective. 


She is super patient and has a manner of delivery which I have found to be very re-assuring but also challenging when required and which would accordingly suit everyone – from the most seemingly confident learner to the shyest of students. I’d say she is capable of teaching French to any level/objective, whether your aim is basic travel communication or fluency. 


She is a native speaker and really knows her formal grammar, but also has a great understanding of the idiomatic and colloquial nuances of the language which I have found very useful given my main objective to comfortably communicate with my French fiancé and his family.  She knows all the best websites for language learners, and is big on introducing her students to French culture which makes her classes fun.

Overall, Mélody is an excellent teacher – highly recommended!"

Elisa F

student in 2016 and 2017, Alliance Française de Londres.

"I studied with Melody at the Alliance Francaise De Londres and I can honestly say that she is the best French teacher I have ever had! She is patient, fun and knowledgeable and I would recommend her classes to anyone who wants to learn French!"

Archana N

student in 2016 and 2017, Alliance Française de Londres.

"Melody is a wonderful teacher! she makes every lesson interesting and goes at a pace that is comfortable for students! My French classes with her were the best and I learnt a lot with her. Melody is also very friendly and she makes learning fun!

Merci beaucoup Melody! xx"

Ruth W

student in 2012 and 2015, Chiswick school / private tuition.

"Melody taught me French over a couple of years and was really great! I very much enjoyed her classes and felt my French improved loads. Merci beaucoup Mélody, bonne chance!"