French Level Tests

You have studied French in the past but you have no idea what your level is? Different levels such as A1, B2 or C1 don't mean anything to you? Or you just want to have fun and test your French level?

Well, these tests are just for you! The tests are divided into 4 levels: A1, A2, B1 and B2. To find out more about these levels, check out my blog post on language levels: Language Learning Tip#4. If you reach the end of the B2 level, we can work on authentic C1 materials to help you further your fluency in French.

Each level contains 12 questions and you need to obtain at least 80% of correct answers to go on to the next level. You can then see your results and share them online. 

Not happy with the results? Contact me for French lessons and get you to your desired fluency level ;)

Bonne chance !